Tyco 614TC Type C Heat Detector


Tyco 614T heat detectors use a fast response, thermistor based design. The fixed temperature sensing thermistor readily tracks the local ambient temperature, thus quickly, accurately and consistently identifying when a fixed temperature is exceeded. Rate-of-rise detection is achieved by comparing the response of two thermistors, with one having a slower thermal response. By combining accurate thermistors with proper physical placement, this patented rate-of-rise detection design achieves a high level of heat detection performance.

– Model 614TC
– Type Type C
– ActivFire Listed afp-1813
– Operating Voltage 11 to 32Vdc
– Quiescent Current 85µA @ 24Vdc (typ.)*
– Alarm Current 5mA to 80mA**
– Alarm State Voltage 3.0V to 12.4V***
– Remote Indicator E500 Mk2 Series
– Relative Humidity 10% to 95% (n/cond)
– Ambient Temperature -10°C to + 75°C
– Storage Temperature -20°C to +75°C
– Dimensions (mm) 127 dia x 53h
– Weight 174g with 5B base

* Max. quiescent 110µA.
** Min. 5mA for LED visibility; max. current must be externally limited.
*** Min. voltage with remote indicator shorted @ 5mA. Max @ 80mA without remote indicator connected.