Frontline Splash Goggle Clear

The 109 Frontline Splash and Heat Resistant Safety Goggles are certified for high temperature and fire fighting work. The soft frame construction is ideal to use in elevated temperature areas. The goggles can be work on top of spectacles. The 109 Frontline Goggles can also be used as an everyday medium impact industrial safety goggle.


The new 109 Frontline has been tested and certified to be suitable for use in high temperature and fire conditions.

It is also certified for splash resistance, hot solids resistance, molten metal, and above all else, with medium impact protection.

The 109 Frontline comes with an adjustable length elastic strap which swivels at the hinge to provide that comfort fit.

The Frontline is wide enough to fit over prescription spectacles and with a soft TPR shell, it is comfortable to wear all day.

With antifog lens coating applied to both front and back lens, these safety goggles are perfect for just about any use.

Key Features
– Heat Resistant
– Fire Protection
– Hot Solids and Molten Metal Resistance
– Splash Resistance
– Anti-fog
– Adjustable Length Strap
– Elasticised Strap
– Wide and Clear Visibility
– Medium Impact