4100ES Panel

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The 4100ESi compact is a preassembled single loop fire alarm control panel available off the shelf and comes equipped with he following:
1 x CPU and 4100ESi colour touch screen LCD controller with 2 Gig onboard memory card and Ethernet port
1 x 10 Amp power supply which has 5 amps available for external use
1 x Remote unit interface board (RUI) designed to connect LCD anunciator or remote transponder units (RTUs)
1 x MX 250 device addressable loop
3 x 24V outputs
3 x NACs these are programmable to supply a monitored 24V output
1 x AUX relay output – 2 Amp rated clean contract programmable relay
3 x Brigade relay outputs
Space for brigade interface (not included please choose option required)
Space to house 1 x 50W tone generator and microphone