XACT 1.25 Ton Cooling 15000BTU Heating 15000BTU 240V

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The unit is compact and lightweight when it comes to its overall performance for heating and cooling a DLX-ASAP® Shelter.

Cooling Capacity 15,000 BTU/HR
Heating Capacity 13,500 BTU/HR
Max Heat 19,100 BTU
Dehumidifying 50% RH MAX
Max Operating Temp 50ºC
Min Operating Temp -40ºC

HVAC Unit (LWH): 109 x 71 x 101 CM
Weight: 87 KG
Duct Diameter: 25.4 CM
Duct Length: 4.6 M

Voltage: 240 Volts Single Phase/50HZ
Max Power Draw: 15.5A 1.8KW

Powder Coated Cabinet
Remote Control Thermostat
Controller Bypass Switch
Demand Defrost Control
Semi-pneumatic Wheels

This unit has been carefully selected and modified for easy handling and deployment in any environment.

Its unique size allows for it to be transported and deployed when larger HVAC units would not.

Two-person deployable from a van or truck and does not require a trailer.

It only requires a standard 110-Volt connection that allows first responders to utilize smaller more convenient generators for quicker and less complicated operation.

Quick operation and easy to control with a remote thermostat that can be positioned anywhere in the shelter.