Set Of 2 Hoses 12 Bar/10M Each

Resqtec Set Of 2 Hoses 12 Bar/10M Each

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Accessories for the The Profix Max Extension Series.

The Profix Max is an integrated and easy to use shoring device with a powerful 15 tons capacity at a safety factor 4:1. It can be operated manually, pneumatically and even hydraulic (in combination with the ram). With just a few struts and attachments unlimited applications are available. Use it for structural, trench, stabilization and lift support. The Profix Max is a powerful and versatile necessity for rescue teams.

The automatic locking system of the Profix Max makes shoring and stabilizing loads easy as breathing. Add the pneumatic functionalities of the Profix Max and every rescuer can operate the struts safely out of range. Working in the danger zone, right underneath