LaserPlus c/w Blank, Blank, 1 Display

The VESDA LaserPLUS by Xtralis is the flagship of the VESDA aspirating smoke detector product line.

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The VESDA LaserPLUS by Xtralis is the flagship of the VESDA aspirating smoke detector product line. THe VLP is an aspirating smoke detector providing very ealry warning of fire condition by drawing air samples through an air sampling pip network. The detector chamber can detect presense of smoke at very low concentrations. The embeded and PC software complimenting the VLP provides a wide range of use defined parameters and reporting capabilities. The detector easily interfaces with fire warning and fire suppression release systems, and can be easily intergrated into a building management system.

The detector can form part of a modular system with the display, programmer and VESDAnet modules installed in a remote location or as a “self-contained” system by replacing the detector’s panels with display and/or programmer modules. With the display and programmer remote, the user interfaces for many Xtralis VESDA VLP detectors can be grouped together in a cabinet for easy programming.

The VESDA Fire and OK LEDs (FOK) module is equipped with LED light indicators for Fire alarm levels and normal operation.

The VESDA LaserPlus Programmer module is a LCD display and keyboard device that enables the used to interface with the Xtrtralis VESDA equipment through VESDAnet. The user is able to perform the following functions:
– Programs a device or devices
– View the system status and event log
– Perform system diagnostics
– Change from defaults values
– Set new PIN numbers

The VESDA LaserPlus Display module provides a visual representation of the smoke levels and the four alarm stages for the assigned detector. An array of ault LEDs illuminate in different configurations to report Urgent, Minor, ZOne and System faults. Up to 20 Display Modules can be assigned to one detector, however the Display Module can be configured to report the status of only on detector at a time.

Key Features
– Wide sensitivity range
– Laser based smoke detection
– 4 configurable alarm levels
– High efficiency aspirator
– Four inlet pipes
– Airflow supervisor per sampling pipe
– Clean air barrier optics protection
– Easy to replace air filter
– 7 programmable relays
– VESDAnet™
– AutoLearn™
– Referencing
– Event log
– Modular design
-Recessed mounting option

Programmer Specifications
– Dimensions 350 x 225 x 125 mm
– Weight 4.0kg inlcuding display and programmer modules
– Area Coverage 2,000 m2