F4000 Multi Prot Resp (MPR) PCB Assy 1901-141

Multi Protocol Responder (MPR)


The MPR has the following features
– Supports Series 130 loop & devices
– Supports 2 wire loop/lines up to 2km in length
– Up to 198‡ addressable devices per loop
– Supports all addressable devices previously supported by the obsolete AAR:-
– C7xA and P7xA smoke detectors
– ADU002
– ADU003A
– ADU004A
– ADU006
– SCI-2 Short Circuit Isolators
– Supports Olsen Z54A Addressable Bases
– Improved Analogue Loop fault tolerance. An open circuit on either wire, anywhere on the loop, will not affect operation of the devices on the loop. Also, open circuit of either wire produces a single event
– Up to 32 MPRs per responder loop
– Single PCB construction for easier maintenance and installation
– PCB fits into F3200 card rack for high density mounting – e.g.. F4000 19” rack cabinet

The MPR is hardware and software compatible with the obsolete AAR (2 wire mode only), and can replace an AAR running in 2 wire loop (line) mode with no re-programming of the MX4428/F4000 panel.

– Height 240 mm
– Width 180 mm
– Depth 50 mm