F3200 FIP 8 Zone Fitted 24 Max No Cardframe 3A PSU

The F3200 is a self-contained, modular, microprocessor based FIP which performs the functions of the CIE as specified by AS 4428.


The Simplex, Model 53200, fire indicator panel is a microprocessor based fire indicator panel (FIP), fitted with a 2line, 40 character alpha-numeric liquid crystal display, and membrane keyboard. THE FIP can be fitted with a total of 8 plug-in modules, each being either an 8 Alarm Zone Circuit module with an open collector output per zone, or an 8 Relay Module. The total system capacity is 64 alarm zones. The FIP can optionally incorporate 16 zone LED display boards to give a total display capacity of 64 zones. Provision is made for up to 8 Remote Zone Display units (RDU) to be used for repeater indicators and control. A VDU/printer port is available for data access.

A network kit is available which allows a network of up to 64 F3200 panels, PTMs, MDUs and other Vigilant Panel-link compatible products to be interconnected. The network uses duplicated RS485 link. Ring networking using a single RS485 pair, fibre optic cables or other media, is available by using the I-Hub networking module.

A Network Display Unit (NDU) is essentially a networked F320 FIP without any 8 Zone or 8 Relay Modules able to be connected. It is available as a slimline unit or in the standard cabinets with its own MAF/PSU. The NDU can be used a “master’’ panel (eg for fire brigade connection) on a network.

Two different product ranges are available; one complies with AS 1603: Part 4 – 1987 and AS 4050(Int)-1992, the other with AS 4428:Part 1 – 1998.