19″ Rack c/w 4 Blanks

To compliment the VESDA range of detectors, displays and programmers in a 19 inch subrack enclosure is available.

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To compliment the VESDA range of detectors, displays and programmers in a 19 inch subrack enclosure is available. The 19 inch rack enclosure is designed to house up to 12 display and/or programmer modules, VESDAnet sockets, or relay only modules
in a wide variety of configurations to suit the particular requirements of a site where centralised control and monitoring of the VESDA system is required. VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASD) are available in a wide range of configurations to suit the particular requirements of each site. The system is modular with Display and Programmer Modules located in the most convenient location. The backbone to this modularity is VESDAnet, a fault tolerant RS485 communications loop which links all elements of the VESDA system together.

Mounting Options
Display and Programmer modules can be mounted in a Detector Enclosure, in a Remote Box or in a 19 inch subrack. A Hand-held programmer module is also available for temporary and convenient connection to the VESDA system. Details of these standard mounting options are given in the Detector, Display and Programmer Data sheets.

Relay Signalling
Each Display Module can be configured to drive relays which can be used for reliable (fault tolerant) signalling of Fire and Fault conditions to external systems. Standard Display Modules can drive 7 relays while VESDA VLS Display Modules can be configured to drive 7 or 12 relays. Relay functionality is fully configurable according to site requirements.

19 inch Rack Enclosure
19 inch subracks can be installed in glass fronted enclosures and are mounted on a swing frame for convenient connection of all the cables. Cable entry for 24 VDC power, VESDAnet connection and interfacing to the relays is provided by multiple knock-outs on all four sides of the box. 19 inch subracks and blank panels must be ordered separately. Each enclosure will accommodate up to 3 subracks. If utilising only 1 or 2 racks the VESDA Power Supply (VPS-100-US-xxx) can also be mounted in the enclosure.

– Dual hinged glass door provides easy access to VESDA modules and termination boards
– Second door provides access to the termination boards
– Designed for easy mounting
– Multiple knock-outs for easy cable entry
– Holds up to 3 subracks
– Full size, lockable window and door

Technical Specifications
– NEMA 1 Rating
– 16 gauge cold roll steel
– Fully welded and ground
– Double knockouts
– Continuous hinges with stainless steel pins
– Full size window kit – lockable
– Door – lockable (keyed alike with window)
Mounting: Key hole mounting
Finish: 2-part polyurethane – bake on textured finish
Color: Light grey
Locks: Keyed alike Chicago locks
Blanking Plates:
– 14 gauge cold roll steel
– Light grey matching color
– Single plate – 19 x 51/4 ”
– Double plate – 19 x 101/2″
– Enclosure requires 4 10/32″ screws for mounting 19 inch rack and/or blanking plates